How 3D Modelling & Visualisation Helps Town Planners

How 3D Modelling & Visualisation Helps Town Planners

How can you show council a true and accurate ‘real’ view of what the house or building will look like when established?

How can you show council what effect the house plans will have on its’ environment and the real impact of any mitigation?

By getting Number25 to create your 3D visualisations

Your client wants to build their home in an SEA with many different planning overlays and neighbours in close proximity.

They want to get their consent through council quickly as they have their builder lined up.

3D visualisation is accurate. It can utilise imagery from Google Maps to pinpoint an exact location that the property is viewed from.

A video visualisation will even show the effect of the sunlight on the property and its neighbours at different times of the day.

Add in established and mature vegetation and you’re then in a position to present to council a factual, accurate and real visualisation of the effects and mitigation of your proposal.

How much time do you think that will save you at council?

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