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I’m an entrepreneurial married mum of two, and with taking on a new country and new way of life, we decided we’d build our own home using 3D interior design.

Why 3D interior design? Mainly because of the challenges we faced. The usual – getting your resource and building consents in an economical and timely fashion, getting a house design that we loved, finding a builder, understanding and picturing what the plans would like in the flesh, having the funds to be able to pay for our dream.

Some things, we were able to control or influence them. Others, there was very little that we could do.

So why Number 25 Design? We were being asked to spend over $1,000,000 on building our home and I was constantly being asked to make decisions based on 2D plans or choose colours and textures based on a mood board or a 4″ square sample of metal.

I needed a system that gave me the confidence to go with my choices and make decisions whilst we were still in the design process, not when we were on site, construction had started and if I didn’t choose there and then, it would delay the delivery of my kitchen by a month.

My 18-month research led me to 3D modeling, 3D interior design and 3D fly-through animation.

An accurate and scaled model of our home was built from the 2D plans, a qualified interior designer and spatial planner created our interiors for every space and the 3D fly-through animation gave me that sense of walking through each room so I knew it was just right.

Not sure how a wallpaper would work or a metal screen, I was able to ask the designer to incorporate it into the model and straight away I could say a definite no, or a certain yes. Utterly priceless! Only 3D interior design can do that for you!

Having the confidence in my choices, seeing that they work meant that we were also able to take advantage of special offers and sales because I knew confidently down to the shade, colour, texture or size it would work. I knew instantly, that it wouldn’t be one of those ‘Why did I buy that?’ moments.

Spurred on by my daughter who insisted I ‘follow my passion’ and encouraged by my family, I offered the services that helped us to those in the same position as us. Unsurprisingly, or services are proving extremely popular!

So 18 months on, I am now supported by a team of qualified interior designers, architects and animators who are driven to take the stress out of your new build or renovation by making the decision process that much easier for you.

Please get in contact – I’d love to show you how we can help you too.


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