How Number 25 Helps Architects

How Number 25 Helps Architects

It’s a problem that you face daily. Your client simply doesn’t get it!

How can you get your client to visualise what your 2D plans will look when their house is built?

By getting Number 25 to create your 3D visualisations.

You have listened to your client’s brief. You have a great concept that ticks all of the boxes.

But your client still doesn’t get it it. Why?

Because they’re not used to visualising or seeing flat 2D plans in real world 3D. So if you want them to believe and share in your vision for them, you need to show them in a format that they get.

3D visualisation lets you show them and lets them ‘feel’ how a room will look, how that space will work for them. It shows them how the light will work at different times of the day, what views they will enjoy from a particular window.

It also helps you in getting to the real essence of what they really want versus what they thought they wanted. They will immediately point out what they like and what they don’t like so you can get down to detailing and finishes much earlier in the design cycle and with more confidence that the concept is unlikely to change.

This service will add value to your practice.

We’d welcome a moment to chat with you as to how.

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