How Number 25 Helps Builders


Why should a customer invest time and money in getting you to build their home, when they struggle to visualise  and understand what goes into building a home?

What if you could not only get a realistic 3D visualisation to present to your clients with your proposal, but then use that information to supply a detailed BIM model so you can confidently and accurately quote for the job?

How Number 25 Helps Builders

Mention negative detail rebate, do you want that honed and sealed or what type of flooring are you having where to most homeowners who are building and you’ll probably get a glazed look and ‘I’m not too sure’ as your response.

Put a set of realistic 3 dimensional external and internal images in front of them however, and they are totally focused.
They will tell you immediately what they like from what they don’t like. So you know up front, the scope and requirements of the build.
Changes can be made on a computer screen, not on site during construction. Which means less delays for re-ordering of materials or resource and/or building consent amendments.
The added advantage, is that you can then use this 3D visualisations to create a detailed BIM model. Incorporate structural plans into this and you can see straight away any construction clashes before you have even broken ground.
Builders that are using these services, charge an upfront fee for them and take it off the final cost for construction. The 3D visualisations and BIM model are a priceless to the client which will save them time and money, so it’s a win-win for them.
For you? It’s a huge point of difference in a rather crowded residential construction market and marks you down as a builder that wants to make the construction process less difficult and stressful for your client by letting them see upfront what their investment is getting them.
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