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Building your home doesn’t need to blow your budget

However the message most home builders are given is whatever your budget is, double it.

There’s the expectation that however hard you have worked to design your home to a set budget, when it comes to construction you may as well rip up your plans and quotes.

If you are anything like we are or were, our budget really is our budget and I need to make sure that every hard earned cent is spent wisely.

All construction woes come down to three main areas




Cost Рby not having the right home designed for your section, lifestyle or budget, using unsuitable materials, not enough detailed information to quote properly or simply not having enough detail full stop will cost you time and money.

Discrepancies – There are many consultants that need to be retained to get your home out of the ground, who all need to submit reports and do onsite assessments. If there are discrepancies between them, the errors when picked up will cost you time and money to rectify.

Changes – The windows are framed up and you realise you don’t like the view or you need another window to let light in.¬†At the construction stage, this will cost time for possible consent amendments, minor amendments, consultant sign off = time and money.

Building your home really doesn’t have to be like this.

If you’re serious about saving time, money and taking the stress out of your build or renovation, please get in touch. We’d really like to share how we did exactly that.