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So who were and are the stars that made our dream a reality?

The detail really is the difference

Though created in 2016, Ultimate Construction Ltd has built up extensive experience building throughout the North Island over the last 20 years.

Marty Talbot, managing director leads by example with a sharp eye for detail, exquisite carpentry knowledge together with extensive civil and concrete experience.

The perfect combination with which to build top quality, architecturally designed homes.

Why Work with Us?

With Ultimate Construction Ltd, it really is possible to get high quality building work, on time and within your budget. How? By using cutting edge technology such as BIM and by effective communication with all parties from the client to the supplier and great project management ensuring that we are always one step ahead of any potential problems.

With such a major life investment, don’t leave your build to chance. You have a perfect testimonial here with Number 25.

Got a project you’d like to talk with us about? Call Marty on 021 718218′

Suppliers & Consultants

Inovo Projects is an innovative project management consultancy bringing together a unique combination of experience and skill. We specialise in project management of building construction and property development.

Our point of difference is the complementary skill sets of our three directors, giving us an edge on delivering well-managed and successful land, building and infrastructure developments.

The directors are backed up by a highly talented team, small enough in number to be flexible while remaining large enough to deliver on major projects. Projects range from small-scale residential buildings to large complex multi-discipline developments.

Our experienced team is well-connected within the market place and actively seeks collaborative partnerships to benefit our clients.

Formance™ panels (also known as SIPs – Structural Insulated Panels), proudly engineered by Method Building Systems, are high performance composite building panels used for floors, walls and roofs in residential and commercial applications.

Formance represents a significant advancement in New Zealand home building methods. Pre-insulated panels are precision cut and locked together to create a weather-tight ‘building envelope’ around your home. With a seamless 4 – 5 R-rating, your new home will have a much warmer, drier indoors environment.

Builders are continually impressed with how simple it is to put up a Formance home. Panels are cut in our factory according to each design, then assembled onsite on a pre-laid footplate. This streamlined process means the building can be sealed from the weather faster, allowing the interior and finishing trades to get on with their jobs sooner.

Everything you could ask for in a home is part of the standard offer with Formance. Highly insulated, strong, available in New Zealand, and with a smaller environmental footprint than timber framing techniques – it simply makes sense for today’s build. Whatever form your dream home takes, you’re free to design it with Formance.


Suppliers & Consultants

Being able to find one company that can supply structural, planning, surveying and civil and supply those services to the highest standards was tall ask,

However, we found exactly that when we engaged the Terra Group.

Their Christchurch and Auckland-based teams have provided structural engineering solutions for nearly 7000 residential, commercial and industrial buildings from Northland to Queenstown.

They collaborate closely with architects, builders, designers and group home builders to deliver high-quality outcomes within the agreed timeframes.


Every cent that we have spent with Ormiston Associates has been money well spent.

Ormiston Associates Ltd was established in 1994 and comprises a select team of highly qualified people covering a range of disciplines in Geotechnical Engineering, Engineering Geology and Geology.  The practice includes three experienced, Council approved Chartered Professional Engineers, with individual skill sets across a vast range of residential and commercial projects. 

They are specialists in on-site wastewater treatment and disposal, and provide cost effective design solutions for residential and commercial applications, with projects ranging from individual dwellings to cafes/restaurants, wineries, Marae, campgrounds and de-centralised systems for small communities. Ormiston Associates Ltd provides innovative design solutions for challenging sites where others have failed. 

They enjoy very strong working relationships with local and regional Councils and are able to provide clients with guidance through the building and resource consents processes.

Suppliers & Consultants