About Number 25

We have stood in your shoes!

Going through exactly the same the trials, tribulations and stresses of designing, building and decorating your own home.

Instead of letting that stress and worry break us, we use 40 years of combined experience to give you the know-how, short cuts and inside scoop so that you can get the home of your dreams but without the pain and expense

Stuck, worried or have a concern? Chat with us today - we have a solution for every problem

The Team @ Number 25

There are quite a few members who make Number 25 the design and accessories go-to for anyone building, renovating or updating their home but here are a few key members

Michelle Costello

The inspired entrepreneur who never gives up & strives to make sure your dreams become a reality

Marine Hovsepyan

Our Lead Interior Designer, Marine heads up the team that creates the stunning interiors for your homes

Valmir Mehmeti

Our customer services and social media guru, Valmir makes sure that everything ticks along tickitiboo

What We Do

Sometimes you just need to see it to know that it's right for you but with traditional interior and exterior design methods, how can you tell that just from a mood board and swatches?
That's why we design the way that we do!