6 Tips That Make Choosing Colour Easy As!

July 11, 2019 0 By Michelle Costello

Interior Inspiration #2 by Number 25 6 Tips That Make Choosing Colour Easy

Choosing Paint Colour Doesn't Have To Be Hard!

Look around you right now and you unless you suffer from colour blindness, you will see an abundance of different colours, shades, tones and hues.

Some people choose to have super colourful homes and other people prefer a more toned down neutral palette.

Whatever your preference, you can’t go super crazy with paint in your home. Trust us, you do not want the decor police knocking on your door!

Too Many Colours

Don't do it! Whilst it's great to use colours other than white on your walls, you really don't need to use every colour in the rainbow and then some!

Too Bright

I'm not saying don't use colour or pops of brightness. I'm just suggesting that you don't choose neon colours of the spectrum especially for your walls

Buy Yourself In Paint

Yep, that's right! Try to pick colours that reflect who you are as a person. If you wouldn't wear or drive a pink car, don't go buying pink for your walls!

Decide on a Complete Colour Scheme

Look at the big picture! Don't choose a paint colour that you love without making sure it matches all the other colours in your room such as the trim, ceiling, rugs, carpet, sofa, soft furnishings etc

Choose The Right Finish

Remember that matte or flat colours will help hide wall imperfections but gloss finishes will reflect more light. So unless your wall has a perfect finish, no bumps, waves don't use glossier finishes on your walls

Sample, Sample, Sample!

So you've narrowed it down to a few. Next step is to buy some large pieces of card (about 50cm square), and sample pots of your colour choices. Pant the card with your choices and stick them on your walls. Feel free to move them around but live with them for a few days before you decide.

So instead of paying your colour challenged friends dressed up in your style police uniform, just share this post with them instead! You'll be thankful the next time you pay them a visit.


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