How Do I Know If My Furniture Will Fit In My New House

How Do I Know If My Furniture Will Fit In My New House?

July 18, 2019 0 By Michelle Costello

The Smart Person's Way To get Your Dream Home Interior The Easier Way

You’ve taken the plunge to build your own home and you’ve got some plans from your architect and no doubt the first question that you ask “how do I know if my furniture will fit in my new house?” .

Usually, the standard response is, find a big space, cut some cardboard out to size and place it on the floor to get an idea. 

Don’t stress, you’re about to find out the smart person’s fix to making sure that everything is just right before you move into your brand spanking new home. 

About to spend the best part of $50,000 with this particular architect for services to design and project manage our build, on getting that response, it did not instil any confidence in me

Sometimes, you just have to see it in order to be able to understand it! You get me?

You know that age old saying, a picture is worth a thousand words? Well let’s find a modern day Picasso to paint your picture!

If I’m about to spend the equivalent cost of a new Audi on someone to design my home, I sure as hell wasn’t going to be cutting out pieces of card to still not be 100% sure what my home was going to look and feel worth

How Do I Know If My Furniture Will Fit In My New House

What I want for my money is to be able to know beyond doubt that when my house is done, it’s the house that I have dreamed about.

That I don’t need to worry if my sofa is too big or too small meaning that I have to go and buy a new one (of course, if there was ever a great excuse for buying a new sofa, moving into a new or renovated house would be it!).

That I get exactly the right cupboard space and layout in my dream kitchen.

That I don’t look at my house from the kerb in super bright sunlight and think that I had a really heavy night on the old pinot when I chose the colour of my external paint.

Wouldn’t it be great if you knew before you started construction or renovating that moving a window say 10cms to the right, will let you enjoy some stunning city views.

Or if you move that window 10cms to the left, you won’t be woken up the moment the sun rises over the ridge.

Building your own home is stressful enough in itself, so wouldn’t it be great if you knew that you had pretty much sorted out all of these stress points not long after your architect has finished her bit but before a digger even rolls on to your hallowed land?

So how exactly do you get to see it so that you can understand it?

There is a better way!

Facing this very same need and predicament, I researched to find a Picasso who could paint my picture of my home before it was built.

I found my Picasso and my calling in life – Number 25 (but that’s a whole other story) and this is what I’m sharing with you today.

This isn’t rocket science or re-inventing the wheel however, a lot of architects and designers take the short-sighted approach that the time and upfront effort is too costly even though they ultimately charge you for their time.

How Can I Make Sure My Sofa Will Fit In My New Living Room?

Ask your architect to show you your house as a 3D model.

The software they use to design your home can easily create an output (file to you and me) that will show you your walls, windows and door positions etc.

It will give you more of an idea of your room sizes and scale that looking at plans on A2 but, and it might be a big but, it won’t show you how your sofa will look in your living room.

What it will do is let you make sure your windows and doors are the right height and position to take advantage of any great views or to block out that annoying neighbour that everyone has on their street.

You can play with the sunlight to see the affect that that has on a room and plan accordingly.

How Do I Know If My Furniture Will Fit In My New House
How can you provide 2D drawings and expect everybody to visualise everything in their head?

Great, But What About My Sofa?

Oh yes, I was coming to that!

The best way to know that for sure is to engage an interior design visualisation specialist.

They will take your plans and create a 3D scaled model, and after speaking with  you to find out what you need to make your dream home a reality, will design your interiors in a way you can instantly get.

How? Because you can see it as though you are standing in that room looking at it with your own eyes.

And as it’s scaled, that means if it looks right in the 3D model, it will look the same in your home.

Don’t like the pattern on your curtains or sofa? Simple, just swap them out.

Want to tone down the mustard yellow on your walls? No worries just ask your designer to show you what a vibrant teal will look like instead. Get the drift?

Want to know what that wonderful David Trubridge light will just right or too much in your living room.


I know that there are apps that purport to do this for you – Hutch comes to mind, but personally I prefer some human intervention, someone with a heart that resonates with my dream, someone with some artistic flair and the guts to suggest something that I normally wouldn’t go for as I thought it was too damn ugly.

We’ve all had that moment. Looks gross on the hanger but listen to the store assistant who suggests accessorising it with a dash of green and splash of gold and voila, how hot do you look!

You can even get a 360° view of your room, do a walk through or flythrough to get that real ‘I’m in my living room right now’ feeling.

Best yet, if your timing works out too, you can get any changes made before your building consent is submitted cutting down on time delays and amendments.

Number 25’s interior (and exterior for that matter) design visualisation specialists are a special breed of qualified interior designers with global design experience that are visualisation gurus too.

This means that they are experts in their field for doing everything I’ve just talked about above and make that home that you've dreamt about, a reality.

Check out a small selection of our portfolio and if you’re interested in having us deliver the home that you’ve always dreamt of, contact us today.


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