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So you’ve taken the plunge and have decided that you’re going to build your own home or stay put, and do a major renovation on your existing home.

The traditional way of doing this getting your plans, consents and builder and then working out the interior fitout later once construction has started.

Did you know that this is probably the most expensive way to do this?

Why? Because if you incorporate 3D Interior Design from the get-go, the money and time that you save protecting yourself from costly variations and time delays will pay for our service and some.

You won’t have to compromise on your choices and will have ring-fenced enough of your budget to get the kitchen, white goods, flooring that you originally wanted.

You need a system that will give you the confidence to go with your choices and allows you to make decisions whilst you are still in the design process, not when you’re on site, construction has started and you’re being asked to choose there and then. If you didn’t, it would delay the delivery of your kitchen by a month.

My research into overcoming these issues led me to 3D interior design, 3D fly-through animation and 3D modelling.

This method of approaching Interior Design gives you an accurate and scaled model of your home which is built from your 2D plans. One of our qualified interior designers and spatial planners then create your interiors for every space. Upgrading to the 3D fly-through animation gives you that sense of walking through each room so you instantly know everything is just right.

Not sure how a wallpaper would work or a metal screen? You’re able to ask our designers to incorporate it into your model and straight away you can say a definite no, or a certain yes. Utterly priceless! Only 3D interior design can do that for you!

So you still might be thinking ‘so what?’

I speak to many of people just like you each and every day. The main issue and concern that they have is not being able to make a choice as they don’t know what the end effect will be. Our customers have a common trend and that’s needing to protect the budget that they have and make every cent work hard for them.

Having the confidence in your choices and preferences, seeing that they work means that you are able to take advantage of special offers and sales because you know confidently down to the shade, colour, texture or size it would work. How, because you have seen your home in a scaled 3D model. You know instantly, that it wouldn’t be one of those ‘Why did I buy that?’ moments.

Working in 3D saves you time, money and stress but the earlier you start your interior design process with Number 25, the more money and time you can save on your build or renovation as well.

Why have a bigger mortgage when you don’t have to?

Have a look at our Services and choose which one is best for you and we look forward to working our magic with your interiors.


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