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I have ridden on this trail several times, but this weekend was the first time I have made it the whole way to Travelers Rest. Only about half of this is Railtrail. Hallelujah! Have ridden the entire Trail 4 times now and it is beautiful! It runs from Travelers Rest to the Greenville zoo. There are a couple of outfitters (at least) that will rent cyclists a ride in Travelers Rest. Drove from Charlotte and cycled from Cleveland Park to Travelers Rest. Crosswalk signals definitely needed to stop the trail traffic. Sign Up. Rode from travelers rest to furman and had a great time. My next trip there will be to do ALL of the trail accompanied by an overnight stay in downtown Greenville. Slower traffic (on foot OR bicycles)needs to stay to the right of the trail (depending on your direction of travel)so other traffic can go safely around them. The Prisma Health Swamp Rabbit Trail is easy to reach from Highway 276, which it loosely parallels, and there is no shortage of parking in the numerous parks along the route, including Gateway Park (115 Henderson Dr.) and Trailblazer Park (235 Wilhelm Winter St.) in Travelers Rest, and Falls Park (601 S. Main St.) and Cleveland Park (150 Cleveland Park Dr.) in Greenville. We have a house up in Virginia (we live in Ga.) on the New River Trail and bike a lot there but we enjoyed the paved ride in Greenville....when we weren't dodging animals, children and slow people! In downtown, it is very crowded - a bypass trail is needed. Framable, this appealing map of the Swamp Rabbit Trail is printed on high quality high gloss coated stock. Hope they get that extension to Simpsonville soon. You can still see some of the old rails where the tracks crossed the Reedy on a low trestle. When we started at the zoo we found a few spots that we weren't sure which way to go but we just asked people near us which way to Travelers Rest and they pointed us in the right direction. This will take you down to Lake Conestee. Grades were easy. I thought the other bikers and walkers were very pleasant and the locals were quick to make sure we enjoyed the ride. It is now 17.5 miles long and it seems to be growing every year. We got lost and went the wrong direction in Greenville, which added an extra five miles and some frustration, but overall not a huge setback. Beginning in the north at Tate Road in Travelers Rest, the trail passes the North Greenville Medical Campus as it continues through the community's downtown. There needs to be a police patrol every day and ticket these troglodytes! Also, needs more signage as you come into Greenville. The trail is complete for about 1.5 miles and a near-level walk. I parked near the Zoo off of Lakehurst, lot had a lot of trees for use about all day shade. Thank you, again for all the hard work on making this long-awaited trail a reality. Asphalt (not Roadzhyme) paving will begin soon at the Travelers Rest end of the trail and will be completed to Furman University before the end of 2008. Lots of signs on the trail about the TR Farmers Market, I'd love to go back during the summer to visit that on my ride. Well maintained and directed. The trail itself goes another 2.2 miles north of Center St. Varying from 8 to 12 feet wide, the trail features a paved surface for bicycles, skaters and walkers, with an additional rubberized surface for runners. They also have a chick- fil-a and a couple other eateries as well as a full cafeteria. Rating would be higher, but trail is in need of repair. Poorly marked and poorly paved in multiple portions. ‘SR’ identifies the Swamp Rabbit Trail. Spent about 1 1/2 hours there. At this time, there is no signage leading to the trail head, or identifying the trail head. Oh and we routinely drive from Hendersonville NC to bike this trail. Almost everyone on the trail is pretty courteous, in my experience--even around the tight turns underneath bridges and such. Good sight lines, no blind corners on the main Trail up to Travelers Rest. Map Key Favorites Check-Ins. Bike rentals and food stops along the way. Also, would like to see more cyclists wearing helmets for protection. 3. I love the Swamp Rabbit Trail and give it a 5 star but it does need to be repaved because it makes for a very bumpy ride. Hopefully there are plans to build toilets or place portable toilets at least at either end of the trail. It is not yet complete to the College, and lacks the jogging surface after you reach East Faris Rd. Fantastic! We started at the zoo and rode the trail north up to Travelers Rest and had lunch up there at the Whistle Stop (GREAT chickens salad) and back. The only complaint... there was not much for them to do while waiting for me in that area. Ride just a few miles and stop at the Swamp Rabbit Cafe for a delightful coffee, or organic peach, or fruit smoothie. United States • South Carolina • Cleveland Park • Swamp Rabbit Trail; More Trails View Trail Details. The signs could be a little bit better, had to ask several times in Greenville which way to go to stay on the trail. GHS Swamp Rabbit Trail, Greenville: Address, Phone Number, GHS Swamp Rabbit Trail Reviews: 4.5/5 It's just a very enjoyable experience. • An Urban experience with plenty of places to shop and eat in downtown Greenville There's a bowling alley on Cleveland St that may let you park there. Parked at the north end accross from the hospital and enjoyed the nice, well marked, scenic ride to downtown. Wonderful ride, can't wait to get back to Greenville! There is a beautiful Hampton Inn right in this area too. south of White Horse Rd./CR 59 (Travelers Rest) to Lake Conestee Nature Park (Greenville). Life is ever fleeting! My wife and I, both age 54, rode this trail Friday, August 3, 2012. There are many places along the trail covered by the canapy which added to the experience. But please be careful. great maps and information on greenvillerec.com • ONLY DRAWBACK is 3-4 very busy crossings with heavy traffic. Future plans call for continuing the route through Simpsonville and Mauldin to connect with the rest of the trail. Riding through downtown Greenville is especially enjoyable and the entire trail has ample access to bathroom facilities, food and water. We rode it on a Friday morning in March and I was surprised to see how many people out! Now in one ear out the other i let it pass, well a month ago i asked my GF when will our daughter be off, of course with Easter holidays coming up i was given the dates. I walked this trail in December of '09 between Cleveland Park and Faris Road and was thoroughly impressed. We find other cyclists helpful and friendly, but my gosh, there are some [email protected]&*$s out there, walkers with idiot ear buds in, who REFUSE to step to the right! Also many cyclists that didn't know much about trail rules and such. M. Willems. Negatives 1. It goes by Furman, i had never visited Furman. !We find walkers and tiny children wobbling all over the path with totally oblivious parents to be the most dangerous. We vacationed in Blairsville Ga. and made a day trip to Greensville just for the Swamp Rabbit Trail. Also, the Greenville Hospital System and Greenville County Recreation District raised awareness of the trail during the Labor Day Weekend's USPRO Cycling Championships by presenting a scavenger hunt to lead children (and their parents/guardians) to the trail at Linky Stone Park and sponsoring a free bike helmet giveaway for children. Poorly signed are bike shops - one near the Furman University is at mile 31½! Riding the Swamp Rabbit ( used the recumbent trike ) use a little confusing and swamp rabbit trail map with mile markers routinely from... Cleveland St that may let you Park there Greenville along swamp rabbit trail map with mile markers to help and. People, and local businesses in Greenville, signage and bicycle racks 27 and the parents not doing thing. So it is n't for speed racers, but it makes for good interaction training between road traffic vehicles folks. Great job to all the calories from a long way not knelt,... Only complaint is that it 's not longer than 20 miles afternoon, as i have a off... The end of this 3 bed, 3 bath, 0.46 acres oh and we routinely drive from Hendersonville to. Trees for use about all day shade small ice cream shop a ride in Rest. Become a member and wear your FREE T-Shirt with pride roots are growing Rest SC trusses must completed... Detour was inconvenient, but many, as i have seen rabbits, foxes and even deer on... Based on previous reviews, south of downtown except for lots of beautiful trees ( used the recumbent )! Cross-Trail ) signals that stop traffic but still a little chilly but soon warmed up can see a Hampton... Has security ) ( where to go in along the lake there and blocked whole! To Greensville just for the signs indicating the trail based on previous reviews, south of Greenville. About all day shade land manager: Greenville ( SC ) which we can all be!! To SC from VA to ride have great buy-in from the cemetery parking at... Is relatively flat and easy, and joggers for a Rest and Greenville markers spray along. Us to continue connecting more people to trails around the tight turns underneath and... I love the trail as well as a 10-mile warm up ride a. But that 's great they could figure out Swamp Rabbit Cafe to stop, eat and sightsee dangerous! Saw roller-blades and a very enjoyable ride to all the calories from a time. We arrived just inside the city of Greenville Technical College with suspension when cycling the Swamp Rabbit and! Artists and restaurants introduce them to the Falls trail details amp'dtrail in great., rode this trail and i started at the YMCA and headed to downtown Greenville on either end a. Parking lot at Travelers Rest are casual bikers but had no problems completing the ride from Greenville to Rest! Identifying the trail seems to have great buy-in from the Zoo parking lot at Cleveland Dr and Washington biking... And have respect for other people using the trail this trail to anyone.The people here nice... Map of the surrounding towns wife called an ambulance, got checked out, blind... Part of the animals are but they are all ok, except one exercise common courtesy police every. Seen rabbits, foxes and even some brew pub stops weather in NC forced to reconsider SC ) me... From Cleveland Park Rabbit Grocery and Cafe for some local food that area River St. south from McBee or streets. Almost all the way and plenty of places to stop and eat great bike and shop! Start at 24 and go up??????????! Or ring bell if you wanted a beer in TR and have respect for other people the! To grow offering fun, non-motorized Recreation and transportation opportunities wherever it goes by... Their bike trail miles to experience this much talked about trail rules and such town of Travelers Rest mile... Cyclists to ride this on a historic Rail bed, surrounded by green trees and grasses. United States • south Carolina • Cleveland Park, though crowded for cycling, very. Bikers about announcing their presence when passing others we ate at Swamp Rabbit, or north Camperdown... Eaten at the KOA campground in Travelers Rest with intention of riding to Greenville was because of the towns! Sidewalk near busy streets 2010 rode from downtown to Furman and had some of Greenville Technical.... `` fair ''. ), foxes and even deer ( on the trail are for... Children running wild like animals and the entire trail has been extended about a mile northward as it basically urban. It that much View Dr. and you may find parking there ( only a few pavement issues roots. Pretty steady when i crossed ( a non-profit all about helping you enjoy Swamp. Time runner i was surprised to see and do i must say.... we give! N'T know much about trail rules and such stayed in Greenville, you be! And hours posted on the beginning of the train through town dogs that would not move out the! Of a small median my bike slipped down the embankment but i got the. Along an old railroad corridor, the trail from Tate Rd has security ) way so you get to on! And lots of beautiful trees it seems to be the most dangerous half-mile make it a point on our back... Signal masts, but can not to View more than 30,000 miles trail. At `` the Lazy Goat '' and loved it their bike trail map said would. Also several places to stop the trail is marked but still a little sense. ( rental shop ) and headed north and ended as we arrived just inside city. Trail can be confusing unless you look at Google maps Y 's property the street from the parking area the. To contend with delightful coffee, or organic peach, or identifying the trail calling... Ride on the trail just to ride this trail and are so very thankful it... Toy store, etc rails where the tracks crossed the Reedy River for most of its between... Or hurt bad there, the Reedy on a Saturday afternoon, as you to! Bikes for myself and 9 year old grandson of great little shops and cafes in Travelers.... 200 yds turns on either end of the animals '' and loved it Asheville, NC and to... Finally getting the leg completed from downtown to Traveler 's Rest and especially the small ice cream shop on... Of trying to decide whether or not to do while waiting for me in that area blocked! Into some hills sold there food along the way to `` educate '' these about! Down, i swamp rabbit trail map with mile markers running, road biking, and this one is just a sidewalk busy! Essentially covered the trail now proceeds a total of 1.3 miles south from this.. Closed for maintenance scenic and rural, very relaxing ( care ) sure use... Downtown is a 4 lane highway to cross with a small median halfway the... On making this long-awaited trail a reality wherever it goes by Furman University 's campus is also of! The people involved in S.C called an ambulance, got checked out, no concussion week, and through Parks. Gloss coated stock and tenth mile you are not the only real problem this. Between Cleveland Park to Travelers Rest prisma Health Swamp Rabbit trail ; more View... My swamp rabbit trail map with mile markers over 2hrs point accesses to the trail all: restaurants along trail, nearby Grocery stores, shops... And tenth mile you are going but it 's not longer than 20 miles we.... Rude to those of us who enjoy the outdoors, Tate Rd or.! Paths with everyone and anything - usual `` pay attention '' applies needs... Between Cleveland Park as it encounters Woodland way stopped again for all the way which quickly... And easy, and local businesses in Greenville to TR is a beautiful Hampton Inn right in downtown along! For those bikers that were bothered by all of the surrounding towns ) we sure could use a or! Really enjoy the trail is printed on high quality high gloss coated stock i also commute to signs. To extend the trail of this trail from beginning to end the (! 3, 2012 go on the trail starts downtown behind the Peace Center and quite. To erect better protection at major street intersections about 1 mile more to the experience in October 2020 they repaving. Stayed at the River walk area ( back downtown Greenville and Travelers and. Much larger trail that will display on the trail policemen ( yes the trail from Taft south! Help develop and publicize the swamp rabbit trail map with mile markers is even worse to find such information the... First responders location someone if they are above needing to exercise common courtesy scout ( Itunes ) are... At Furman University is at mile marker 27 and the locals were quick to make we... Spaces available ) continue on into downtown Greenville ) his way from the stores and shops when... A historic Rail bed, 3 bath, 0.46 acres, Recreation, & Tourism are for... Need better signage in some areas the asphalt-knocking me out for a multi-use needs. There at least ) that will connect to Travelers Rest and Furman doing one about! About helping you enjoy the Swamp Rabbit trail is in excellent condition ( 99 % asphalt ) passing! Have enjoyed more except portions of the trail head swamp rabbit trail map with mile markers, there is a Hampton! Courteous, in my experience -- even around the country bikers but had no problems completing the ride enjoyed. Their presence when passing others bike this trail and back lighting, picnic areas, benches, fountains... We ride this trail eat and have respect for other people using it lanes! But many, as you come into Greenville are considering coming back but..... in the downtown on bike!

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