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    “Seconds from a dream”

    There must be a second in time when dreams are meeting the paintbrush and stroke by stroke, pictures come alive in front of our eyes.

    I tried to capture this moment using the deepest and lightest shades of the ocean, keeping the pictures between fantasy and reality: where everything is still a bit blurry, just like when you wake up from a dream.

    Through the view of a Tui from above – from the shape of the islands, the spectacular skyline of Auckland down to a cute little jellyfish floating in the water – a hazy, elusive collection of paintings created with a mixture of textures and loose layers of watercolour with a touch of black and white ink.


    • Canvas Only
    • Black
    • Wood
    • White
    • Auckland Skyline Round - Light - 50cm x 50cm
    • Auckland Skyline Round - Dark - 50cm x 50cm
    • Auckland Skyline - 50cm x 50cm
    • New Zealand - Dark - 50cm x 50cm
    • New Zealand - Light - 50cm x 50cm
    • Jellyfish - Dark - 50cm x 50cm
    • Jellyfish - Light - 50cm x 50cm
    • Kākā - 59cm x 84cm
    • Boats Bobbing - 59cm x 84cm
    • Boats Bobbing - 42cm x 60cm
    Seconds From A Dream

    Seconds From A Dream Limited Edition Collection

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