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Interior Design Redecoration By Numbers




We’ve all been there. You know that you need to redecorate but you have absolutely no idea what you’re going to do, what will work and how to put it together and are often left with a worse mess than what you started with! Our Interior Design Redecoration by Numbers service makes the whole process as easy as, well painting by numbers!

You start by filling out our in-depth, detailed e-questionnaire telling us your likes and dislikes, what you’re happy to get rid of and what you would really like to keep, sending us photos of the room that needs our magic. We even supply you with our unique checklist that guides you through taking the right measurements as well as the way to take the best photos for us that let us work our awesome magic for you. We’ll look at the design, the layout, flow, colours, textures and will make sure the end result works for you and your family.

In return, you get a step-by-step guide to help with your Interior Design Redecoration by Numbers showing you where exactly you need to place your furniture, where to get it from and which paints or wallpapers you need to use on which wall.

It’s so detailed, you can do the work yourself or hand over the booklet to your decorator to do the work for you!

Interior Design Redecoration by Numbers – absolutely the only way to redecorate your home!

What’s in the package

  • Interior  Design Redecoration by Numbers for 1 room
  • Detailed e-questionnaire
  • How to Measure & Photograph Your Room For Awesome Great Interior Design
  • Personalised style selection
  • A total of up to 7 working days design time
  • 2 draft mood board concepts
  • Finalised mood booklet which includes;
  • Personalised colour scheme
  • Personalised lighting selections
  • Personalised soft furnishing selections & home interior accessories
  • Personalised window treatments selections
  • Detailed floor plan by numbers
  • Detailed colour/wallpaper plan by numbers
  • Detailed source and shopping list
  • To-do list
  • Tips list
  • A total of up to 7 working days of post design online support



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